Responsible Gaming

Responsible Gaming

Gambling must be practiced in a reasoned manner. You must remain in control of your game. To do this, make sure to respect these rules:

  • Gambling is a hobby and by no means a sure way to make money.
  • Play only the sums of money you can really afford to lose. Never play the money you need for important things, such as food, rent, bills, or education.
  • Keep a summary of the sums of money you bet.
  • Never seek to recover your losses. If you lose money, do not play higher bets to try to recover your losses.
  • If you need help, use the monthly deposit limit offered by legal gambling sites in France to self-regulate your expenses.

To find out if you have an addiction problem, ask yourself the following questions: 
1. Do you regularly miss your hours of work or study to play? 
2. Do you play to earn money instead of paying off debts or solving financial problems? 
3. After losing the game, do you need to play again as soon as possible? 
4. Do you play often until the last penny you have on you? 
5. Have you ever borrowed, stolen or lied to finance your gambling? 
6. Have you sold anything to fund your gambling? 
7. Do you sometimes lose interest in your family or loved ones? 
8. Have you ever played to escape conflict, frustration or disappointment? 
9. Do you get upset easily and become irritable if you do not play anymore? 
10. Do you feel depressed because you are a gambler?

If you answer “yes” to many of these questions, you may have a problem with gambling addiction. If so, do not hesitate to contact one of the organizations listed below.

Help for dependent players

One of the first objectives of the new French legislation that authorizes online gambling is to protect consumers and vulnerable populations from the risks and dangers of gambling when they are practiced too intensively and uncontrolled.

In order to fight the problems of addiction to the game, several organizations have been created with the mission of prevention and help for dependent players. These organizations help players and their entourage psychologically, socially and legally. If you think you are dependent, if you play more and more money and you can not diminish or stop playing, or if you are a relative of a dependent, contact one following organizations:

Players / Play / Info / Service

This pathological gambling assistance service was set up by ARJEL as part of the new gambling legislation.

Contact :

  • 09 74 75 13 13 ( call not surcharged )

SOS players

SOS JOUEURS was founded in 1990. As a non-profit law association, its help services are free. 
Psychologist, lawyer or social worker, the speakers are all professionals specialized in gambling addiction. 
They are, without exception, subject to the code of ethics of their profession and professional secrecy.

SOS PLAYERS – Helps the player and his family

Contact :

  • 09 69 39 55 12 (call not surcharged)

By email :

[email protected]


ADICTEL is the French performance and international scale device available to players in difficulty and that meets 100% of the need with nearly 10,000 cases treated per year. The effectiveness of this system is based on an active partnership with gaming operators, governments and gaming consumers. The ADICTEL device is a platform with two objectives: prevention and concrete help for the excessive and dependent players. ADICTEL offers a free psychological listening 24/7 by professional psychologists ADICTEL employees.

Contact :

  • 0805 02 00 00 (free number 24h / 24 -7j / 7)

Prohibition of games

The voluntary prohibition of games is a personal and confidential procedure that applies throughout the national territory (France and overseas). 
This prohibition is valid for a period of 3 years in all gaming rooms of casinos, gaming circles and gaming sites authorized by the Regulatory Authority of Online Games ( ARJEL ).

After 3 years of ban, if you no longer want to be banned from games, you must make yourself known to the services of the Ministry of the Interior to remove it.

All details and steps to take on the website of the Ministry of the Interior .

Anyone wishing to be banned from gambling must do so himself with the Ministry of the Interior. Copyright 2022 © - All rights reserved